1:1 The Letter


My Dearest Mordikai,

I hope that this letter finds you well and that my casual use of the familiar does not overstep the bounds of our relationship. You know that Alexander and I both think the world of you. Your rousing discourse at the South San Francisco Opera House was a highlight of our all too brief visit to civilization. My husband has spoken of little else since our return to Kaua‘i.

Indeed, it was our talk after your lecture on the need for higher levels of spiritual discourse that inspired Alexander to start a salon for like-minded scholars of the sublime here at our plantation at Milakale. We have already enjoyed visits from several members of the Hawai‘ian royal family as well as missionaries of every conceivable denomination and damnation. Apparently, the fertile soil of the islands is as amenable to growing the human pneuma, as it is sugar cane.

I know in my heart, dear Mordikai, that if you were to join us here on the island, that you would find a most sympathetic environment for your gifts to find full flower. Many of the savages—both noble, and less so—who so often find their way to our table would benefit greatly from a bit of guidance toward the light.

Just last night, we had the distinct pleasure of entertaining a Portuguese sea caption who after consuming a heroic amount of brandy and port confessed his desperate need of finding a spiritual lighthouse lest he find his soul dashed upon the rocks of perdition. At least that is what I think he said. Although the Iberian tongues share a common root, I fear the captain’s native language has spent too much time in the mouths of sailors, becoming an adulterated lingua franca that everyone understands a portion of, but no one truly shares.

But look at me, getting unforgivably off track. It is so rare that one meets a person whose soul is immediately recognizable as a kindred spirit that I fear I must unburden myself or burst! That is why you must come out to the island as soon as your busy schedule allows. Alexander has many important business contacts at the Port of San Francisco. All you would have to do is show up and mention his name and your passage will be assured.

Alexander and myself both eagerly anticipate the day that God permits us all to meet again.

Your fellow seeker,
Mrs. Alexander Lanthier

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