16:4 Lost Footage: Chae Burton


Interviewee: CHAE BURTON

I guess every community has its own creation myths; stories that bring  members together in shared tradition while allowing new people to understand in a deeper way where the group was coming from. Milakale was no different.

My favorite one was when Charlie almost shot Zongo and Enrique as they first popped out of the western forest. I would have loved to see Zongo’s face, not just at seeing the property for the first time, but staring down the barrel of an automatic for the first time as well.

Charlie used to love to tell how the huge moon they had that night had risen above the tree line at the cliff behind the mansion. It was a full moon at vernal equinox and must have come over the house due east, throwing some spooky shadows back over the courtyard.

He’ll probably kill me for telling you this, but Charlie was always afraid of the Menehune. Ever since he was a little kid. So, imagine the scene; it was dark, with this big full moon rising over abandoned plantation grounds and there are noises coming toward him.

What would you do?

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