17:4 He’s Gone


The bone-wrenching cold followed Bear into the pavilion as he returned carrying a bag of ice and a twelve pack of Olympia, which he promptly dropped when he saw Rosenda tied to a wooden chair in the middle of the room. Several of the bottles shattered when they hit the floor and cold beer seeped out of the carton and pooled on the concrete.

“What the hell happened?” Bear rushed to untie the woman. “Where’s Bentley?”

Rosenda had been crying, and Bear naturally thought that it was either from the non-consensual bondage or the thought of what Avidan was going to say when he found out that his star had flown the coop.

“Don’t worry, Karoline,” he tried to soothe her, “we’ll get him back. They aren’t too many places to hide in this town that I don’t know about.”

“Forget it, Bear,” she sighed, looking up at him as he fought to undo Bentley’s rope work. “He’s gone.”

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