18:1 Lost Footage: Police Chief Warren Burton

UNFINISHED DOCUMENTARY, STATE OF GRACE  |  Mid-1970s Interviewee: POLICE CHIEF WARREN BURTON Of course I remember when that so-called rock star disappeared in San Francisco. I still have some friends on the force out there. You can’t believe the stories they tell me; drug addicts from all over the mainland pouring in to the city … Continue reading 18:1 Lost Footage: Police Chief Warren Burton

17:2 Palace of Delights

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA  |  1969 Built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition, the cavernous former art gallery that partially surrounded the classical colonnade had housed everything from tennis courts to army jeeps in the interim. The City had recently retrofitted the entire place, but presently, it stood empty. “Hold tight, I’ll make sure we’re cool,” Bear … Continue reading 17:2 Palace of Delights