23:4 A Blast of Static

OUTER SPACE  |  2055 “Jefferson One, this is Mission Control, do you read?” The badly distorted signal crackled over the command intercom, startling Konstantinov and Pape out of their silent mutual animosity. “We are under attack by unknown aggressors. It is critical that you proceed with departure under any circumstance. Repeat. Proceed with departure. We … Continue reading 23:4 A Blast of Static

23:1 When Mercy Is Shown

Soléne Pape burst into the command pod, shattering Major and Konstantinov’s concentration. “Are you aware of what that monster has done?” She shouldered her way between the two senior crew members. “Do you condone this heresy?” Konstantinov stretched back to better see around the indignant buttocks that had suddenly invaded her space. “Velik telom, da … Continue reading 23:1 When Mercy Is Shown

22:3 My God, It’s Full of Stars

OUTER SPACE  |  2055 It took the unexpected grazing of the upper atmosphere in 1972 for astronomers to really pay attention to Comet Doherty-Humphrey. Astrophysicists agreed that the body had most likely come from a neighboring galaxy sixty-three light years away, having been knocked out of its orbit around a young star named Beta Pictoris … Continue reading 22:3 My God, It’s Full of Stars